The woman who filmed an East Pittsburgh police officer shoot an unarmed African-American teen said the officer had been “very harsh” and “very aggressive” in the moments leading up to the shooting.

The witness was standing on a nearby balcony and started recording with her cell phone what would be Antwon Rose’s last moments.

In the short clip, Rose, 17, is running from the car during a traffic stop before three shots appear to come from a police officer’s firearm.

Rose was in a car that was pulled over on Tuesday by 30-year-old officer Michael Rosfeld, who had only been on the East Pittsburgh police force for three weeks.

Mary said that she knew something was awry from the officer’s tone.

Mary is convinced that Rosfeld could have de-escalated the situation and didn’t have to shoot Rose.

“Why were they shooting at them?” she said. “All they did was run.

“They didn’t have nothing in their hands and they didn’t say anything to the cop to make him feel scared.”

In statement on Thursday, officials from the borough of East Pittsburgh said they were “profoundly saddened by the death of Antwon Rose” and offered sympathy and condolences to his family.